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The Water of Siloe Elisir activate the energy needed for your regeneration.
Every Elisir is a precious instrument created to find centering and harmony, essential to your wellness.

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Kit 32 Elisir and training of operator

Kit 32 Elisir and training of Water of Siloe Operator

The Kit is the indispensable tool to participate in the training of "Water of Siloe Operator", a training course that allows you to knowledge and use of the Elisirs according to the Cabalistic System of the Tree of Life and the Hebrew Letters. During the training seminar for "Operators", the participant will receive all informations necessary for the use of Elisir Water of Siloe. With the 32 Elisir Kit and the Training Seminar for Operators, the participant will receive all the information needed to use the Elisir Water of Siloe.

Includes Kit 32 Elisir, teaching materials and WOS Operator training.

Find out the training courses in the News & Events section!
For info: info@waterofsiloe.co.uk

Price: 2154.12 GBP (VAT included)

Code: WOSP
Kit 32 Elisir and training of Water of Siloe Operator

Kit 32 Elisir

Kit 32 Elisir

The Kit is composed of all 32 Elisir, to allow all possible combinations, to act on each vibrational aspect. The box containing the Kit in natural wood so as the cap of bottle, for to ensure a harmonious approach between the Elisir and its glass container. Materials are in perfect harmony with the holistic intent from which the Water of Siloe energy system originates.

Price: 1404.00 GBP (VAT included)

Code: WOSK
Kit 32 Elisir

Room diffuser kit

Room diffuser kit

Room diffuser kit for Elisir, specially designed to re-harmonize the ambients.

Price: 6.30 GBP (VAT included)

Code: WOSD
Room diffuser kit

Kabbalah and the 22 Paths of Healing

Kabbalah and the 22 Paths of Healing by Marco Marini (Author), Luigi Scapini (Illustrator)
It has been noted for centuries that the healing potential of Kabbalistic principles face disease and establish the interconnection between body organs, emotions, and spiritual well-being. Now you can use that knowledge to improve your own psyche and physical and spiritual condition. With 33 beautiful Hebrew letter cards and a comprehensive guide that offers a holistic approach to healing, evolution, therapeutic healing, and transformation, find the insight via 22 healing paths to your own psychological freedom. Additionally, because each letter in the Hebrew alphabet considers the aspects of sound, a CD providing specialized music to use during therapeutic sessions is included and opens with the correct pronunciation of the Divine Names of the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life. This all-inclusive compilation can be used as a transformative tool during difficult times and provides effective healing power and self-awareness. Includes cards, book & CD.

Kabbalah and the 22 Paths of Healing

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Discover the re-harmonising properties of Water of Siloe

Bones, spine, vertebrae, cartilage, joint, rib cage Liver Lungs, bronchi, respiratory system Spleen Brain, pituitary gland, pineal gland Large intestine, small intestine, rectum, anus Stomach Kidneys Female reproductive system Heart and circulatory system Teeth and gums Feet Hands Mouth, esophagus, thyroid, larynx Gallbladder Male reproductive system Nervous system Skin, hair Lymphatic system, glands, breast Pancreas Ear Eye Muscles
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